SJL Mechanical Engineering

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SJL Mechanical Engineering Services

Bulk Materials Handling

At SJL Consulting Engineers, we specialise in bulk materials handling solutions. Our mechanical engineering team possess extensive knowledge and experience in designing efficient and cost-effective systems, for the transportation, storage, and processing of bulk materials. We strive to optimise your operations while maximising productivity and minimising downtime.

Mechanical Maintenance Strategies

Our experts develop tailored mechanical maintenance strategies to enhance the reliability and performance of your equipment and machinery. By conducting thorough assessments and implementing preventive maintenance measures, we help minimize breakdowns, extend equipment lifespan and management of maintenance costs.

General Mechanical Design

SJL Consulting Engineers provides comprehensive mechanical design services that encompass a wide range of industries. Our team collaborates closely with clients to develop innovative solutions that meet their specific requirements, from concept development to detailed design and prototyping.

Water Infrastructure and Fluid Dynamics

With a deep understanding of water infrastructure systems and fluid dynamics, our engineers deliver sustainable and efficient solutions for projects involving water supply, distribution, and treatment. From water storage systems to hydraulic modeling and analysis, we ensure reliable and optimised performance of water-related infrastructure.

SJL Mechanical Engineering Projects

Conveyor Wash Box

Underground Mine


Drip Line Attachment

Agri Australis (Subsidiary of Ferrero Australia)

Sandigo, NSW

Bellata Train Loader

McKelvie’s Welding & Fabrication 

Bellata, NSW

SJL Mechanical Engineering Approach

Innovative Concept Development

Our skilled mechanical engineers collaborate closely with you to ideate and refine innovative concepts that align with your project goals and technological advancements.

Design, Analysis & Optimisation

Our team will combine their broad technical and practical knowledge with the latest cutting-edge software packages to develop lean, robust designs and solutions. We will create a preliminary design and carry out rigorous optimisation processes to deliver an efficient and economical outcome for our clients.

Seamless Implementation & Support

Our experienced team manages the seamless integration of mechanical systems, providing ongoing support and maintenance to guarantee peak performance and operational excellence.