Drip Line Attachment

Sandigo, NSW

  • Client

    Agri Australis (Subsidiary of Ferrero Australia)

  • Location

    Sandigo, NSW

  • Services

    Mechanical Engineering

  • Completed

    May 2023

Agri Australis, a subsidiary of Ferrero, engaged our company to provide ISO certification for their in-house developed prototype tractor implement. The implement’s purpose was to assist in the efficient removal of irrigation tubing from tree lines on farms. Our team of skilled engineers took up the challenge to ensure the functionality, safety, and longevity of the implement through thorough analysis and design evolution, we were also able to prove a certificate of structural adequacy and ISO certification. This case study outlines the key aspects of the project, including effective communication with stakeholders, 3D modeling, simulation, and the outcome of providing a robust and certified tractor implement for Agri Australis.

Project Scope

Agri Australis sought ISO certification for their prototype tractor implement, which required a comprehensive analysis and assessment of its design, structural integrity, and safety. The project encompassed the following key elements:

Conducting analysis and providing ISO certification for the prototype tractor implement.

Engaging in regular and effective communication with key stakeholders, including the Agri Australis management team and farm hands.

Preserving all functionalities of the implement throughout the design evolution process.

Developing an accurate as-built 3D model of the prototype for detailed analysis.

Make design changes where required to ensure the implement is structurally adequate, and provide a set of plans for the final design.

Engaging Stakeholders

Effective communication with key stakeholders was vital for the success of the project. Our team established regular meetings with Agri Australis’ management team and farm hands to understand their requirements, gather feedback, and ensure that their needs were met throughout the design process. This collaborative approach allowed us to align our efforts with the client’s expectations and produce a tractor implement that truly fulfilled its intended purpose.

Detailed Analysis and Simulation

To ensure the safety and reliability of the tractor implement, our mechanical engineers created an accurate 3D model of the prototype. Through this model, we performed a thorough analysis of the implement’s structural integrity and functionality. Our team simulated all expected operating loads and accounted for unexpected impacts that could occur during regular farm use.

The simulation helped us identify potential weak points and areas for improvement in the initial design. With this data, we further optimized the implement’s design and proposed additional reinforcement and bracing to enhance its robustness and durability.

Design Evolution and ISO Certification

Based on the analysis and simulations, our team revised the design plans of the tractor implement, incorporating the necessary reinforcement and improvements. The final design was a far more robust piece of equipment capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of farm use for many years to come.

The comprehensive analysis and design improvements enabled us to provide Agri Australis with ISO certification for their tractor implement. The certification confirmed that the implement met all quality and safety standards, giving the client confidence in the equipment’s performance and the safety of their staff during its use.

Benefits and Outcome

The successful completion of the project yielded several significant benefits for Agri Australis:

Assurance of Safety: With the ISO certification, Agri Australis can confidently implement the tractor implement, knowing that it meets the highest safety standards and will provide a secure working environment for their valued staff.

Enhanced Equipment Durability: The design evolution process resulted in a more robust and durable tractor implement, reducing maintenance costs and extending its operational life.

Customer Satisfaction: The collaborative approach and the delivery of a certified, high-quality product reinforced the trust between Agri Australis and our company, potentially leading to future partnerships and projects.


The ISO certification project for Agri Australis’ prototype tractor implement was a success due to the effective collaboration between our team and key stakeholders. Through detailed analysis,

simulation, and design evolution, we provided the client with a safe, durable, and certified implement that fulfilled all quality and safety standards. This project showcased our company’s expertise in engineering and our commitment to delivering reliable solutions to our clients in the agricultural sector.

This is an exceptional example of how our industry is not responsible for delivering a solution but rather participating in the delivery or definition of the solution.

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