Emergency Flood Levee

Regional Victoria

  • Client

    Grain Company

  • Location

    Regional Victoria

  • Services

    Civil Engineering, Project Management

  • Completed

    December 2022

  • Project Value


In the face of relentless heavy rainfall and rising water levels in the river network across Victoria and New South Wales, a regional grain storage site faced a significant threat to its operations. The Murray River near the site was rapidly rising, posing a danger to the facility and its valuable grain stock. In response to this urgent situation, SJL Consulting Engineers was tasked with the construction of an earthen levee to protect the facility from potential flood damage.

Challenges and Solutions

Time was of the essence, and SJL Consulting Engineers swiftly organised a team of skilled contractors to undertake the earthworks task. The construction of the levee had to be expedited to match the pace of the rising river. The initial design called for a levee height of almost 3 meters, but as the river continued to rise, it became apparent that additional measures were necessary. Our team promptly adjusted the plans and raised the levee to ensure sufficient protection against the imminent floodwaters.

In addition to the construction challenges, the ongoing threat required continuous monitoring and maintenance. Our civil contractor demonstrated remarkable dedication, spending nights patrolling the levee in a boat, deploying tarps to safeguard the structure from undermining and water permeation. The team diligently recorded the river height at regular intervals, ensuring the levee’s integrity was constantly evaluated and adjustments made as necessary.

Project Outcome

After days of tireless efforts and vigilant monitoring, the relentless floodwaters finally started to recede. Thanks to the prompt action and expertise of SJL Consulting Engineers & our dedicated civil contractors, the grain facility was successfully saved from the devastating flood. Not only was the facility protected, but there were no recorded damages to the valuable grain stock or critical infrastructure.

The Grain Storage Facility case study stands as a testament to SJL Consulting Engineers’ ability to handle time-sensitive and high-stakes projects. Our team’s swift coordination, adaptability, and commitment to quality ensured the successful completion of the levee construction, mitigating the risks posed by the rising Murray River. We take pride in delivering effective solutions that safeguard our clients’ assets and contribute to the resilience of their operations.

Contact SJL Consulting Engineers today to discuss how our expertise and experience can assist you in tackling complex engineering challenges and ensuring the protection of your critical infrastructure even in the face of natural disasters.

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