Grain Storage

Regional NSW

  • Client

    Grain Company

  • Location

    Regional NSW

  • Services

    Civil Engineering, Project Management

  • Completed

    April 2023

  • Project Value


At SJL Consulting Engineers, we recently undertook a project that involved the management of the rollout of new grain bunkers for our client. This endeavor presented us with various challenges, the most significant of which was the relentless inclement weather and poor ground conditions. Despite these hurdles, our team employed alternative work methods during the earthworks phase to ensure the project’s success. 

Earthworks Phase

The earthworks phase of the project commenced in September and extended through to February, coinciding with one of the highest recorded rainfall periods in the region. The continual downpours and adverse ground conditions necessitated innovative approaches to maintain progress. Our experienced team, equipped with extensive knowledge in handling such conditions, adapted swiftly, ensuring minimal delays and maximizing productivity.


Through meticulous planning, coordination, and effective project management, SJL successfully oversaw the work of four individual civil contractors, across 4 regional NSW locations. Together, they moved over 380,000 tons of fill material and 65,000 tons of gravel for pavement, while concurrently executing drainage works, utilities relocation, building demolition, and vegetation clearing in the preliminary stages. These efforts allowed our client to enhance their storage capacity significantly, providing them with a valuable asset for future utilization.


The successful completion of the new grain bunkers rollout project under challenging circumstances stands as a testament to SJL Consulting Engineers’ expertise, adaptability, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our team’s ability to navigate through adverse weather conditions and poor ground conditions showcases our proficiency in managing complex projects within demanding environments. We take pride in our role in providing our clients with increased storage capabilities, enabling them to cater to their growing needs efficiently.

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