Lake Albert Residence

Two Story, Suspended Concrete House

  • Location

    Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga

  • Services

    Structural Engineering

  • Building Designer

    Fine Eye Designs

  • Builder

    Stockley Constructions

  • Completed

    In progress

The Project

We recently had the privilege of completing the structural engineering for a stunning two-story home, just a stone’s throw from the lake, featuring a brick veneer ground floor and a clad frame upper floor.

This project presented unique challenges and required innovative solutions to overcome them.

Some key points we considered in the structural engineering of this home:



Soil Classification 'P'

The challenging soil conditions meant we needed a robust foundation system. We utlilised the Biax raft slab system for the ground floor, ensuring a solid and stable base.

The Biax raft slab system provides good load distribution and reduces the need for deep excavations, making it an ideal solution for challenging soil conditions. It’s lightweight structure often results in cost savings and faster construction times.

Unlike polystyrene, the Biax raft slab system offers enhanced structural performance and durability without the environmental drawbacks associated with polystyrene disposal.

Suspended Concrete Slab

The first floor boasts a suspended concrete slab with a cantilevered section, supported by a steel structure. This required designing 23 steel beam connections to ensure stability and strength.

To meet the client’s request for a clear span on the lower floor, we put lots of work into the optimisation the steel design to minimise costs and fabrication difficulty, achieving a functional and cost-effective solution.

Load Cases & Self-Weight

The design accounted for various load cases as specified in AS1170, including live, dead, and wind loads, alongside the self-weight of the concrete slab. This resulted in some considerable weight and forces that were being transmitted through the steel structure.

Sloping Site Considerations

The slopping site added complexity, requiring careful planning for retaining walls and overall constructability.

We love working with our builders to ensure that our designs are practical, easy to follow and result in a seamless build process.

Constructability & Architectural Integration

We worked closely with the builder to ensure our structural design aligned seamlessly with their client’s vision.

By considering construction methodologies and ensuring compliance with architectural plans, we achieved a design that was both practical build and true to the architect’s intent.

Build In Progress

We’re proud of the result and excited to see this beautiful home come to life!

Come back from time to time to see further updates as the build progresses.


Ground Floor

First Floor


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